Collating research results

Comparative analysis based on the results of the national literature reviews and the company case studies (HU, PL, UK mainly).
A preceeding EU project, INSIST, with a strong research chapter produced a study giving a profound oversight of the Family Businesses in the partner countries, some extensions to the European scale and also some consequences for badly needed follow-up research and curriculum development.

Desired needsThis was the moment of inception of follow-up activities: the partners decided to start immediately an in-depth research on different issues touching upon the sustainability of SME FBs.
This research has been pushed forward during the preparatory pahse before the start of the FAME project and is going on. It follows the basic idea of selecting theories elaborated for large public or private companies and analysing their adaptability to SMEs. This innovative idea led already to interesting results and the research will continue up to the start of this FAME project.

The mentioned off-project preparatory research produces rich rough material for the FAME project. During this collating phase, the partners analyse the research results, select and collate them for the curriculum developers. Early outcomes of the preparatory work show that the core content can be divided into 4 themes (modules) which are sub-divided into smaller units by the developers when needed.

For info, Cases, reports and study by the INSIST project (if you log in/register to the INSIST wbesite, you may access more documents):

Download this file (FAME_IO1_Collating_report_final.pdf)FAME IO1 Collating report[FAME IO1 Collating report]891 kB