Transnational Training Event and the Second Partner Meeting

Transnational Training Event & Second Transnational Partner meeting in Leeds

May 2017

Academics and practitioners from countries across the European Union were welcomed in Leeds to discuss the development of FAME teaching materials to support the development of family firms. Participants at the transnational training event of the FAME project at Leeds Beckett University discussed the development of training materials for four modules. The meeting presented a wonderful opportunity for members of module teams from different countries to work together and share ideas. The content of each module was discussed in teams and conversations between teams took place to iron out overlaps and potential discrepancies. These discussions helped foster team spirit and an efficient way for working and delivering on transnational module development. Agreement was reached on the learning objectives and the structure of the modules including indicative content. The development of e-learning resource materials was addressed and the input of Leeds Beckett University e-learning staff added value to the discussion and allowed for better understanding of its educational potential. Participants gained better understanding of the relationship between the module training and the e-learning materials. Skype discussions with family businesses and business intermediary organisations helped to ground thinking of concepts and ideas in real-world practices.

The second transnational partner meeting was organised just after the training event with the participation of the managers/coordinators of the university partners, representatives of the non-university partners joined the meeting by Skype. The participants evaluated the training event, discussed project management, quality management, dissemination and exploitation issues and agreed on the deadlines and responsibilities for the next period (till the third meeting) of the professional implementation and the reporting tasks (Action planning).

Download this file (FAME_2nd_meeting_minutes.pdf)FAME - Second meeting minutes[FAME - Second meeting minutes]693 kB
Download this file (FAME_Transnational_training_event_minutes.pdf)FAME - Minutes of the Transnational training event[FAME - Minutes of the Transnational training event]454 kB