Regional Family Business and Business Transfer events in Croatia

Based on the conducted Business Transfer Barometer survey, implemented in Croatia by CEPOR - SMEs and Entrepreneurship Policy Center in 2015 more than 5,300 enterprises with about 57,000 employees represent the risk group whose owners underestimate the complexity and length of duration of the business transfer process.

In order to raise the awareness of aging entrepreneurs about complexity and importance of timely preparation for business transfer process CEPOR organized 6 regional awareness raising events called Family Business and Business Transfer Forum, in February and March 2018, in the following cities: Cakovec (Medjimurje region), Rijeka (Primorje region), Pula (Istria), Zadar and Split (Dalmatia) and Virovitica (Slavonia region).

The long-term goal was to ensure the sustainability of small and medium-sized enterprises and crafts in Croatia after retirement of their owners in order to preserve the jobs of employees working in these companies and their positive impact on the local economy and Croatian economy as a whole. During these events participants were informed about CEPOR’s activities, especially emphasizing the objectives and expected outcomes of FAME project that CEPOR is participating as a partner.