Module 4 - Transition Issues - Psychology of transmission

Transition Issues,
Psychology of transmission of power, engineering of the process of transition

Leader: Budapest Business School
150 pages training material in traditional form (with practical exercises, case studies, recommended reading, etc.) and at least 8 hours online e-learning part divided into submodules.

Social and cultural aspects of succession and enterprise transmission.

Social and cultural cakeSubmodules and escription:

1. Succession and transfer of power

  • Board setup and working in family context.
  • Main challenges of ownership and how to build it to last.
  • Governance, communication and conflict resolution.

Transfer of management to a younger generation is one thing, often observed with less of a stress. But transferring control is another issue. Especially in first generation corporate empire builders or the founding fathers to give up control is without precedent.

This makes it difficult to happen. First generation businesses are especially vulnerable to take over or collapse. To avoid such traps it needs careful planning and professionally proved rules and techniques to be applied.

2. Case studies

Case studies are a natural fertile ground for seeking advice for transfer of power.
Lessons from centennial family corporations may be important to avoid dangerous allures. Great families in business may offer great advice to those who want to emulate them.

An outstanding founding member will naturally create special difficulties for the generational transfer.
This is called as the “long shadow of the founder”.
Not a problem on its own, but could be a source of disaster if it brings hesitation, delayed decision and backward focus to the business.
How to fight to make it happen requires professionalism this course like can nurture.

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